Why You Need A Side Hustle

Becoming stuck in the status quo seems to result from a number of factors.  Lifestyle inflation, or increased spending to match increased income, is often is often labelled the main culprit.  In addition, however, I believe that failing to utilize side income can be a problem.  In a recent conversation with Mr. Smith, I mentioned that we need to find him a side hustle.  He immediately lectured me on the many reasons why he couldn’t get a “second job.”  But that’s not what I was suggesting!

The majority of the population seems committed to devoting their non-work hours to chores and relaxing.  They spend countless hours in front of the television, not being productive, just sitting there, wasting precious time.  There is work time and off-duty time.  I don’t want to suggest that there is no place for leisure in our lives.  But for someone like me (high debt and ambitious goals), I simply can’t afford to waste time.

What is a side hustle? Something that you do in your non-work time to bring in a little extra income.  Over the past year, I stopped playing around with silly games on my phone.  Instead, I used an extra minute here and there to MAKE MONEY.  These pennies earned from clicking links or watching videos are helping to pay off debt and buy our freedom.

So, I share with you one of my side hustles:  Inbox Dollars


Granted, I only made $27 with this one last year.  But I didn’t start until mid-2014.  My earnings do total more than $14 right now, so I will be able to cash out again soon.  And, the time and effort involved was extremely minimal.

The best way to use this rewards site is the emails.  You receive a couple emails per day and all you have to do is click through to a website.  So, so simple to do while waiting for your food to heat up in the microwave or standing in line somewhere.  Also, I have completed a number of surveys on this site and plan to do more this year. Surveys pay more, from $0.25 to $2.00, but you need to devote a little more time.   Please do note that you will have to answer a few questions to see if you even qualify for the survey.  Although, for every survey you attempt to complete, you earn a spin on a wheel of bonuses (credits or sweepstakes entries).  Finally, there are usually a few videos you can watch (on the full site – not mobile version) to boost your earnings.

You need to earn $30 to get a payout.  Another benefit of this rewards site is that you don’t have to settle for gift cards.  I opted to deduct a $3 fee from my first $30 to receive a check in the mail.  There is also the option to receive a reloadable Visa cash card.

Extreme goals call for drastic measures.  Fortunately, this is a simple way to make progress instead of wasting time crushing candy.

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