My Money-Saving DIY Nesting Project

We’re officially in full swing baby-prep mode, which is good because our new little guy will be joining us in the next few weeks.  There was something about the ever-decreasing number of days on the calendar that finally gave us the drive to clean, organize, and set up everything (it’s so much different having a third baby as compared to the months of preparation for your first).  Tornado has loved testing out the new baby items – especially the swing – for her dolls.  I can’t wait to see how she will react to a real baby being in them.  Goofball is asking a ton of hilarious and random questions, like “Does the baby have legs?”  The whole family seems touched by a sense of excitement and anticipation.

As discussed in my previous post, you really don’t need that much for a baby.  But after prepping and doing an inventory, there was one thing missing that I really want for him – a crocheted baby blanket.  Goofball received one as a gift.  I had found one for Tornado at a consignment sale.  They still like their blankets, but the thing that I loved about them was the big holes.  There are so many warnings about what babies can have when you put them to sleep, lacking much as far as specific age applicability.  But I was never nervous about covering the kids up with crocheted blankets, because even if it went over their face, they would still be able to breathe.

I don’t know anyone who crochets.  In avoiding the baby stores, I cannot say whether they have crocheted blankets.  However, I don’t recall seeing any of them a few years back when doing my baby registry for Goofball.  The next option?  There are plenty of very nice, crocheted blankets on Etsy, but with the cost and shipping, they were all out of our budget.  I could have given up.  Instead I thought, if Mr. Smith can watch YouTube to learn how to fix my car, why can’t I learn how to crochet?


I watched a number of different tutorials and liked this one the best.  The video teaches how to make a “Granny Square.”  You can make a bunch of these squares and connect them together, or just make one really big square.  It’s a simple pattern, but serves my purpose.  Yes, I spent money on a yarn and crochet hook.  The total cost was $7.00.  I really like the color combination and it’s very soft.  Note: I watched the videos before spending any money on supplies.  I only purchased supplies after deciding that it looked like something within my skill level.  Then, this weekend I spent some time with my feet up on the couch, making a baby blanket (while side-hustling with rewards sites).  Crochet is very repetitive, so once you get the hang of it, it’s really not that hard.  It is taking a while and might not just be a nesting project, but also a hospital project.  I can’t imagine how long it would take to do a full-size blanket!

The baby’s blanket is not perfect, but it will be special because I’m making it for him.  We saved money and I learned something new.  Once again, I can’t help but think of all those people who spend money frivolously and waste hours of their life surfing through bad television.  Then, they complain about being bored.  I am tired, sore, and not moving around very fast these days, but that doesn’t mean I can’t accomplish anything.  There is a special sense of pride that comes with creating something, achieving new goals, and being productive . . . instead of just passing away the time.  I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work on the blanket later – I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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