Perk: The Easiest Money-Making App

We made a significant amount of side-hustle money last year with the help of numerous websites and apps.  Perk is a new app for me and possibly the easiest way that I’ve ever made money.  In the past few months, I’ve cashed out $30.00 worth of credits for Amazon gift cards.


Swagbucks is my first priority when it comes to money-making programs, because they award bonuses if you hit your daily goal ($3.00 for a perfect month).  However, your daily goal will increase if you earn too many credits.  I usually strive for my goal, maybe a couple of extra Swagbucks, then move on to another program.  My goal is usually set around 90, easily achieved with videos on SBTV and EntertaiNow, playing Swag Jump, and clicking a few things on the site.  If my goal increase too much, I would need to put a significant amount of effort into this side hustle, instead of just relying on the video-playing apps.

I like InstaGC, but it’s utility is limited.  I earn pennies by clicking on links and like receiving instant gift card codes.  But unlike the Swagbucks apps, that will keep earning credit without needing any input from you, InstaGC requires your attention to earn money.  You have to open individual videos or click through slideshows.

That’s why Perk is becoming one of my new favorites.  The PerkTV app will play and allow you to earn credit without having to press anything.  There is just a popup that will ask “Are you still watching?” after three or four hours.  There are “Popular Videos” and “Movie Trailers,” but the “App Trailers” seem to be the shortest.  I usually keep this program playing on my phone (on WiFi) at night.  It does take some time to earn your gift cards.  Each video is worth 1, 2, or 3 credits (it seems pretty random).  You can cash out 5,000 credits for one $5 gift card.  There are plenty of cards available, but I usually stick with Amazon.  So basically with Perk – set it, forget it, and earn gift cards!

It may not seem like this app is helping us make a lot of money, but all of these programs combined are earning us hundreds of dollars per year.  Perk is great because it’s helping us pay more towards our credit card debt without taking much effort at all.  These small side hustles add up and will make the difference between us just getting by and achieving financial freedom.


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