Willow Block Wedding Blanket

This is a crafty post, but still has a lot to do with saving money. I spent many hours creating a Willow Block Blanket as a wedding gift for my sister, and all it cost me was my time.  A neighbor recently gave me a ton of yarn, so this wedding gift didn’t cost any money. I searched for the prettiest crochet granny square that I could find, and settled on the Willow Block. It works up so quickly and has a great design. I loved cranking out a square here and there, whenever my hands were free.  I assembled all of the squares, added a double crochet border, and now my sister now has a beautiful, handmade keepsake.

Willow Block Wedding Blanket



I had trouble finding a tutorial for the Willow Block, so this was one of the first crochet projects that I figured out by using a pattern.  Yay for me!  I guess the Willow Block pattern is a highly guarded secret from a book called 200 Crochet Blocks.  However, you can get the pattern here, for free.

The pattern uses three colors of yarn for each square, but you can see that I chose to use one main color for each square bordered in white.  I used different shades of blue and one tan, which complement my sister’s bedroom.

As I mentioned above, the squares work up pretty quickly.  I made a total of 54 (6 x 9) squares before it was getting a little too close to the wedding.  These are all the pretty squares arranged on my bed.


willow block squares (2)
It took a little time to get them arranged just right.


I decided to go with a single crochet join.  I did the first joins right on the bed in order to not screw up the arrangement.  I started with rows across, but could then pick it up and move around with it to join the other direction.  Note: it’s probably a good idea to sew in the ends when they are just individual squares.  It was tricky to do once they are all joined together.  For a single crochet join, you just fold two fronts (or right sides) together and crochet together the stitches along one edge.  You end up with a raised seam on the back of the blanket.


crochet blanket seam
Single Crochet Seam


Once all of the squares were joined, I went around the outside with double crochet in white.  I considered adding a fancy border, but the wedding was in a couple days and the Willow Block has enough pretty detail on its own.


crochet blanket full
My masterpiece!


My sister seemed to really like the blanket.  I gave it to her at the rehearsal dinner, so she was still pretty stressed out about upcoming festivities.  She did, however, ask her new mother-in-law to bring it back home on the plane as her carry-on, so nothing would happen to it.  I joked that it kind of felt like giving away a child, because I had worked really hard on this blanket for a couple of months.

Life and money are all about choice.  I could have chosen the “easy way” and just picked a random appliance off of her registry, or written an impersonal check.  Each of those options would have set us back in our efforts to pay off debt.  Instead, she received a personalized gift that truly was made with love.  A win-win for everyone 🙂


  1. Mrs Groovy

    What a beautiful blanket and idea! You make it look easy. And I know it’s not because I tried to learn. I started with a chain stitch and watching a few YouTube videos. But I couldn’t see how I could go from that to actually creating something. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. I started with YouTube videos – find one that is actually a tutorial on how to make a specific project. My first projects were a baby blanket and winter hats. I really like this British girl, Bella Cocoa? She has great tutorials on YouTube. The stitches make more sense when you’re using them to create something, instead of just practicing yarn over, yarn over, yarn over. Let me know if you need any help – I’ll do my best to provide virtual crochet training 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s a great gift – you put a HUGE amount of energy and skills into it. You didn’t buy it, you made it – I think that’s what makes for a much nicer wedding present. I’m glad that she really liked it, I hope she enjoys it at her place 🙂 As a guy with no craft talent, I wouldn’t even know where to begin making 1 square (I guess that’s what YouTube is for).


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