10 Tips On Shopping For Kids: How To Buy Everything You Need, Without Spending A Fortune

As we prepare for the arrival of twins in May, we’re going to need to buy some “new” things.  And, it’s not just purchases for the babies (because babies don’t really need that much).  The other children will be passing down everything from outgrown toys and clothes, to their beds, so these items will need to be replaced.  We’re usually big fans of buying used things for the kids, but that means that some of the hand-me-downs are in rough shape.  In addition, it would be nice to have at least a couple of coordinating twin outfits, something we’ve never had to purchase before 🙂  Here are some great tips to keep in mind when shopping for kids, so you can buy everything that you need without spending a fortune.


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5 Awesome Ways To Upcycle Fabric Scraps

In prepping to sell crochet items at an upcoming craft sale and being busy with work, I haven’t been able to find much time to upcycle or refashion my clothes.  I have a couple big bags of clothing that are destined to be transformed into new things to wear.  But, with everyone talking about Christmas already, I’m wondering if I can use the fabric to make some presents.



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Mr. Smith’s Guide To DIY Cleaning And Refurbishing A Wood Stove

We moved into our house in the Winter of 2013, and have never had our wood stove cleaned.  It was something on that had always been on the “to-do list,” but with Mr. Smith’s growing collection of wood and plans for lots of fires this coming winter, it became more of a safety issue.  We looked into the price of cleaning and Mr. Smith wanted to take on the challenge of figuring out how to clean a wood stove.  In addition, since the stove was already going to be disassembled, he decided to fix it up a bit too.


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The Granny Square Baby Blanket: Perfect For Crochet Beginners

I discovered crochet almost two years ago.  I was pregnant with my youngest and looking for a new baby blanket.  We had been gifted with crocheted blankets for the first two.  They were perfect because of the big holes, which made me less nervous about them covering up their faces and suffocating.  I checked out Etsy, but they seemed rather expensive and we’re working so hard to pay off debt.  In watching a couple tutorials on YouTube, I decided to make a baby blanket my DIY Nesting Project.  This pattern for my very first crochet project is super simple and I’ve now used it several times.


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Willow Block Wedding Blanket

This is a crafty post, but still has a lot to do with saving money. I spent many hours creating a Willow Block Blanket as a wedding gift for my sister, and all it cost me was my time.  A neighbor recently gave me a ton of yarn, so this wedding gift didn’t cost any money. I searched for the prettiest crochet granny square that I could find, and settled on the Willow Block. It works up so quickly and has a great design. I loved cranking out a square here and there, whenever my hands were free.  I assembled all of the squares, added a double crochet border, and now my sister now has a beautiful, handmade keepsake.

Willow Block Wedding Blanket


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The Ultimate List: 50 Upcycle / Refashion Projects To Inspire You

We have a lot of debt to pay off.  Instead of just limiting spending on new clothes, I’ve decided to not buy anything new at all.  This year will be number three of my clothing fast.  One of the ways that I’m making the most of the things that I already have is with upcyle or refashion projects.  All you really need are some things you don’t wear anymore, some basic sewing skills, and a little bit of creativity.  Here are 50 awesome projects to give you some inspiration.

50 Upcylce _ Refashion Project

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DIY Split-Back Top

Looking for a weekend upcycle / refashion project?  I am currently in my third year of not buying any new clothes, so we can put all of our money towards paying off our debt.  Surprisingly, it hasn’t been all that hard.  I have versatile clothing, including many basic items.  Once in a while, I do find myself wishing for something new to wear.  The simple, frugal solution to this problem is to make something new out of the clothes in my closet.  Here is a tutorial for my newest creation.

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Our Frugal Halloween: DIY Dinosaur Costume

As with many different things, a little bit of advance planning for Halloween can keep costs down.  I had been asking my children about their costumes since September in the hope of getting ahead of the game.  Unfortunately, Goofball seemed to change his mind on a daily basis.  I waited to buy anything out of a fear of spending money on a costume that he wouldn’t want to wear.  Tornado, on the other hand, was quite consistent in telling me that she wanted to be a pink dinosaur (so she could “rawr” at everyone).  There was a little hesitation, but Goofball finally agreed to also be a dinosaur too.  With a few weeks left until Halloween, it was time to get into SuperMom mode.  It took some effort, but with some help from Pinterest and a bit of creativity, I was able to make two really cute dinosaur costumes for less than $10.00, combined!

DIY Dinosaur Costume

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Over 25 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Wow.  All of a sudden it’s September, I’m buried in work, Goofball started kindergarten, and the littlest ones are back at daycare.  Time may be advancing quickly, but we’re doing our best to make the most of every day.  This list is my inspiration for getting started on holiday gifts.  By prepping for Christmas in advance (it’s only a few months away), I can shop around for the best deals on supplies and take my time making meaningful and quality gifts for my loved ones.  Because, let’s face it, you can only make so many love/chore coupon books.


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