Monday Medley: Saving And Hustling

The main purpose of this site is to document our journey out of debt and to financial semi-independence, so it should be no surprise that this update has a lot to do with money.  We’re continuing to keep our expenses super low, while finding new ways to increase the amount of money coming in.  I’m really motivated by our latest successes and working hard to find some semblance of balance between hustling for the future and living in the present.


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Monday Medley: A Day Late

And a dollar short?  Ha!  No, while we could definitely use some more money (who doesn’t?), we continue to make progress on paying off our debt.  Recently though, the recurring theme of my days seems to be that I’m always falling behind on something.  I remain convinced that working full-time prevents you from truly “having it all.”  When work dominates your schedule, there is always something else that will have to suffer.  I’m continuing to try, but an occasional sense of being overwhelmed is unavoidable.

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Monday Medley: Almost Christmas

2015 will be ending very soon, but first, we have a chance to celebrate Christmas with our family and friends.  For many, this time of year is stressful and rushed.  Many of my coworkers ask about whether we’ve finished “our list.”  It seems like the majority of people view the holiday as something that requires a great deal of effort and preparation.  They are not enjoying the season, just surviving it by checking obligatory items off their Christmas to-do list.  I’m trying my very best to prepare for the special day, while enjoying festivities along the way. 


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Monday Medley: Going All In

The little steps are important, but sometimes you need to dive in headfirst to instigate monumental change.  We’re been working hard at our regular jobs, dabbling in ways to make extra money, and trying to cut expenses as much as possible.  However, suddenly, it feels like we’ve reached a milestone in our journey.  It’s not marked by a single accomplishment, but more so through sensing the all-encompassing shift that comes with adopting new priorities in life.


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Monday Medley: Busy And Adjusting

This past month has been all about readjustment.  Goofball started kindergarten, Mr. Smith returned to part-time work, and the youngest two returned to daycare three days per week.  We have been creative with building efficiency into an alternative schedule, and so far it seems to be working.  We’re very busy, but in a good way, and definitely still hustling like crazy to pay off our debt.  More importantly, we’re trying to keep everything in perspective and not forget to enjoy the present while planning for the future.


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Monday Medley: Frugal Weekends And School Supplies

As much as I hate to admit it, summer is coming to an end.  While it is my favorite season, my disappointment with the start of fall is minimal this year.  We have really made the most of these past few months and are motivated to keep making progress towards the awesome future that lies ahead of us.  The impending close of summer is encouraging us to squeeze in a little more fun outside and take advantage of every opportunity to pay off debt.

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Monday Medley: Summer Adventures

Even though it’s only the beginning of August, it feels like my summer is coming to a close because maternity leave ends this week.  I’ve found myself reflecting on the past few months.  We certainly have succeeded in making this summer a great one.  We’ve gone on quite a few family adventures and have accomplished a lot on our journey to a better future.  It’s been a learning experience, but our vegetable garden is one achievement of which we are very proud.

Monday Medley

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Monday Medley: Making The Most Of My Last Weeks Of Freedom

I will forever cherish this wonderful summer.  While it’s not quite over yet, there are only a few weeks left of my maternity leave.  It’s probably common for women to make overly ambitious to-do lists for their time off from work.  The average list likely includes housekeeping tasks, reading books, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying their newborn baby.  I planned on completing a number of additional projects in order to facilitate our plans to pay off debt and achieve financial semi-independence.  At this point though, I have to be realistic about what still can be accomplished and should allow myself to feel a sense of satisfaction from all that we have done during the past few months.

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