A New, Effortless App For Making Money

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make a little extra money to expedite our debt payoff.  Smart phones are awesome tools for hustling up a little extra cash, instead of wasting your time away (and sometimes paying money) playing games.  I just found a new money-making app that requires no effort beyond normal use of your phone.


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A Day In The Life: How A Full-Time Working Mom Finds Time To Side Hustle Her Way Out Of Debt


Our own daily routine is something that seems mundane and of little importance, but apparently it’s much more fascinating from the outside. There’s something intriguing about comparing our day-to-day life with others, by reading the intimate details of their day.  Also, working moms are always searching for that illusive, perfect work-life balance. I liked reading recent “Day in the Life” posts from Mrs. Frugalwoods and The Frugal Millionaire, so this is my own super-exciting, typical day for your enjoyment (or at least the closest approximation I can provide to a typical day).


creatingmykaleidoscope.com (1)


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Constructive Ways To Use Your Time, Instead Of Playing Pokemon Go

Money problems and time management issues seem to be frequent complaints, yet tons of people (children and adults) have spent this past week running around chasing imaginary creatures with the new Pokemon Go app.  While I am happy that this video game encourages exercise, I can’t help but think there are much more constructive ways to use your time.

Constructive Ways To Use Your Time, Instead of Playing Pokemon Go


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New Side Hustle: How To Make Money Buying And Reselling Books

In our quest to pay off debt and achieve semi-retirement by the age of 40, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to save money and to make extra money.  I’m super excited about finding a great tool for buying and selling used books.  I have big plans for using it this summer at garage sales and book sales.


New Side Hustle


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Side Hustling 101: Why You Need To Start A Blog TODAY

I was reading a post yesterday that asked for comments about money epiphanies and what has changed in our life since then.  One of the first things that came to mind (besides paying off a ton of debt) was how I created this blog.  The original purpose of it was to document our journey, with the hope that it would make money.  However, blogging has become such an integral piece of my efforts to escape debt, achieve balance, and reach financial semi-independence.  And the benefits go beyond pennies for page views . . .


side hustle start a blog


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How We Paid Off Over $20,000 Of Debt In 2015

There are two simple ways to improve your finances: spend less money or increase your income.  Our extreme goals require extreme effort, which is why one tactic isn’t enough . . .  we do both.  Our progress in 2015 was due to living frugally and hustling to earn extra money.  We were able to pay off more than $20,000 in debt between our credit cards, two mortgages, and student loans – during the same year that we had our third baby, took extended maternity/paternity leave, and put a new roof on the house.  How did we do it?


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Side Hustle: How To Make Money By Being A Guinea Pig

My mission is to destroy debt and build up assets to facilitate financial semi-independence. While this is a newly-defined goal, I’ve always looked for ways to earn extra money. One of my favorite side hustles is participating in research studies. It can be tricky to find and qualify for these experiments, but you can make easy money in exchange for a few hours of being a guinea pig.

guinea pig

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Why I Didn’t Make Money My First Year Of Blogging (My 100th Post!)

This blog serves several purposes.  First, it serves to document our journey to financial semi-independence.  Secondly, it keeps us accountable to our goal to become debt free and build up assets to support our financial semi-independence.  Finally, I had hoped to make some money with my writing.  The blog certainly has helped with the first two goals (a post on our success in 2015 coming soon), but after one year I have yet to make much of a profit from this site.


As I said, this blog has made some money, just not much a profit.  I did one sponsored post.  Also, the AdSense earnings are adding up, but haven’t reached the payment threshold of $100 yet.  I had definitely hoped to be doing better by this point, but understand why I didn’t meet my goals.  There are a variety of factors which can be boiled down to one problem: 

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How To Make Money Selling Crafts, With No Etsy Fees

My new hobby is crochet; I started with a baby blanket and have been hooked ever since.  I’ve been working on a variety of gifts lately, but the thought has occurred to me that crochet could become my next side hustle.  It would be perfect because I find it very relaxing and rewarding to make beautiful things from yarn, and these creations can be sold for extra income.  What more could you want from a side hustle?  I’ve been pondering, however, how to maximize my profit while getting the exposure necessary to sell the items.

With No Etsy Fees3

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Monday Medley: Going All In

The little steps are important, but sometimes you need to dive in headfirst to instigate monumental change.  We’re been working hard at our regular jobs, dabbling in ways to make extra money, and trying to cut expenses as much as possible.  However, suddenly, it feels like we’ve reached a milestone in our journey.  It’s not marked by a single accomplishment, but more so through sensing the all-encompassing shift that comes with adopting new priorities in life.


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