It Is Only Money: A Review & Giveaway

This journey to financial semi-independence started with a gradual adjustment of priorities.  I suffered a sort of early, mid-life crisis.  Over a period of at least one year, I did a lot of soul-searching, reading all sorts of things online and spending time reflecting, in my search for a more-meaningful life.  While there are several mental shifts to thank for my new goals and outlook, the new perspective on money was a key factor in changing our trajectory.  I often think about how best to educate others to see their true financial options and try to use this blog to provide as much helpful information as possible.  So, I was super excited to receive a copy of “It Is Only Money” by Cara MacMillan that I can share with one of my lucky readers.



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5 Awesome Ways To Upcycle Fabric Scraps

In prepping to sell crochet items at an upcoming craft sale and being busy with work, I haven’t been able to find much time to upcycle or refashion my clothes.  I have a couple big bags of clothing that are destined to be transformed into new things to wear.  But, with everyone talking about Christmas already, I’m wondering if I can use the fabric to make some presents.



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What Side-Hustlers Do When They Need Help

I posted a few days ago about feeling a bit overwhelmed with work.  It really is my own fault, trying to be a full-time working mom, while side hustling to pay off debt.  However, life will not be like this forever.  We are setting ourselves up for success, so that our investments will require less effort but produce more income over time.  I have a lot of great ideas.  Lately, it’s just been a matter of prioritizing, and certain fires have demanded most of my attention.  I have considered what we would do if any of the side-hustles become really successful.  Where would we go for help?



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Solutions To Help You Wake Up From A Financial Nightmare

Financial struggles can make for extremely trying times.  There are plenty of reasons why someone might end up in such a position, including job loss or medical issues.  Whatever the reason, it can become difficult to get by when there isn’t much money coming in.  You may even need to rely on savings or unemployment benefits to survive.  It is possible to wake up from most financial nightmares with a few, fairly basic, strategies.   



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How A Part-Time Job Contributed To Our Problem With Debt

Paid work is usually a good thing for your finances, even with low-paying positions. You go somewhere, clock in, clock out, and a receive a paycheck. It’s then up to you to apply that income in a productive way.  However, some jobs encourage you to spend your hard-earned money, before you ever receive your paycheck.  I’m still reminded of how one of my part-time jobs, from over ten years ago, may have done more harm than good.



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Mr. Smith’s Guide To DIY Cleaning And Refurbishing A Wood Stove

We moved into our house in the Winter of 2013, and have never had our wood stove cleaned.  It was something on that had always been on the “to-do list,” but with Mr. Smith’s growing collection of wood and plans for lots of fires this coming winter, it became more of a safety issue.  We looked into the price of cleaning and Mr. Smith wanted to take on the challenge of figuring out how to clean a wood stove.  In addition, since the stove was already going to be disassembled, he decided to fix it up a bit too.


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The Granny Square Baby Blanket: Perfect For Crochet Beginners

I discovered crochet almost two years ago.  I was pregnant with my youngest and looking for a new baby blanket.  We had been gifted with crocheted blankets for the first two.  They were perfect because of the big holes, which made me less nervous about them covering up their faces and suffocating.  I checked out Etsy, but they seemed rather expensive and we’re working so hard to pay off debt.  In watching a couple tutorials on YouTube, I decided to make a baby blanket my DIY Nesting Project.  This pattern for my very first crochet project is super simple and I’ve now used it several times.


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Easy Basic Goulash Recipe

As the weather is changing, so do the types of meals that we prepare. This “Goulash” is another one of our family favorites.  Yes, I know that traditional goulash is more of a soup or stew, but that’s just the name we adopted for this dish.  There are usually leftovers to enjoy the next day, when it tends to taste even yummier.



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