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Thanks for stopping by Creating My Kaleidoscope!  This blog is about our family’s mission to pay off debt and achieve financial semi-independence.  Our strategy is to save money by living frugally and use side hustles to increase our income, but family is always our number one priority.  In order to “do it all” (and then some) we have to be super productive with our time.  And we like to have fun and relax once in a while too 🙂

These posts provide a good overview of the topics featured on this site, along with some helpful tips based on what we’ve learned so far.

Saving Money

The Ways We Saved Money In 2015

The One Healthy Food Switch That Saves Us Over $200 A Year

How To Cut Your Own Hair: The Ponytail Method

How We Save Hundreds Of Dollars On Car Repairs

Make Money Your Mission, Save Like a Soldier


Making Money

Our Ideas For Making Money in 2015

How I Use Swagbucks To Earn Amazon Gift Cards

How To Get Started Selling Your Stuff On eBay


Adopting New Priorities

The Things We Did Right, In Spite Of Our Debt

Why You Will Never Be Free From Debt

A Financial Plan Saved My Life


Work & Productivity

How To Be Productive And Get Ahead While Working From Home

The Myth of Work-Life Balance


DIY & Clothing Refashion/Upcycle Projects

DIY Dinosaur Costumes

Sweatshirt To A Skirt Tutorial

Over 25 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List


Status Reports

Confronting The Credit Cards

2014 Financial Accomplishments & Plans For 2015

2015 Progress Reports & A Net Worth Update

Financial Review of 2016: Our Starting Point For A Better Year


I try to add a new post at least once per week.  Monday Medley posts contain a variety of updates on our family, finances, and fun.  The easiest way to stay up to date is by subscribing to new posts – just add your email in the box on the right.  Don’t worry – you won’t receive any spam.

Thanks for tagging along on our journey 🙂