Monday Medley: Embracing Different Seasons

We typically plan our road trips to Maine for the end of August.  They represent one of our last chances to enjoy the summer season.  Now, with pumpkins everywhere and leaves changing color, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that Fall is here.  Summer is definitely my favorite season, so I tend to get a little sad when we put all of our sunshine accessories away.  Although somewhat there, these feelings are not that strong just yet.  It might be due to the fact that it’s still pretty warm and we’re not yet trapped inside by mountains of snow.  However, I think it’s also because we packed so much fun into the past few months and have a lot to look forward to with the changing seasons.



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Traveling On A Shoestring: Top Tips To See The World On A Budget

Most of us probably have a desire to travel, that familiar wanderlust setting in when it feels like we need a break from the everyday. Vacations tend to be viewed as un-affordable. However, as we proved with a recent frugal family trip to Maine, there are ways to travel without financial setbacks. If you’re trying to find a way to travel, here are some ideas to help you save up and cut costs, so you can escape for a while.



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Update: Stubbornly Refusing To Give Up On Our Rental Property And Revising Our Plan

You may have noticed a few recent references to stressed-out Mr. Smith.  I commented in response to Mrs. Groovy’s positivity challenge, that I really wanted to find a way to help my husband be a little more thankful and relaxed.  The key was figuring out the root of his anxiety.  As with anything, there are usually a number of factors worthy of some blame, but I think we were able to single out one of the major ones: our rental property.  Now, we’re strategizing to adjust our plan, so that everyone can be a little happier for this part of our journey.


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Five Fun And Easy Ways Anyone Can Make Money In Their Spare Time

There are many paths to better financial health.  Living frugally is one of the best ways to get ahead on paying off debt or saving money towards various goals.  However, to really speed up the process, you need to do more than just cut back on spending.  Using your free time to earn extra money is one of the best financial strategies that you can adopt.

Stay tuned:  Today is a special double-feature Tuesday!  I’m posting an update on our family’s financial strategy later tonight.




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Use These Money-Saving Tips To Shop Less

Everyone wants to spend less money, especially those of us who are trying to pay off debt or save towards the goal of financial independence. Budgeting can be helpful, but the key to really improving your finances is spending far less than what is coming in with your income.  Shopping less is one of the best ways to save money.  So how do you decrease the amount that you spend, so you can apply more towards your goals?



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Things To Do With Kids In Bar Harbor, Maine

We had a great time on our recent family vacation to Bar Harbor, Maine.  One of the best parts about this destination is that you really don’t need to spend money on entertaining your kids.  The main expenses for our trip were renting a van, gas, and food.  We didn’t really spend anything on fun, but still had an awesome time.  There are just so many free things to do with kids in Bar Harbor.

Things To Do With Kids In Bar Harbor (1)


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Need Money? You May Not Have Thought Of These Options

Whatever the reason why you need more money, there may come a point where it feels like you have exhausted all your resources. So, you’ve budgeted like a professional, you may be working more than one job, and you’ve learned to live a frugal lifestyle.  Are there any other options?  As we work hard to hasten our journey to financial semi-independence, I’m always looking for new ways to increase our income. I’ve found that taking stock of, and exploiting to their fullest, all of our resources is a good approach. (5)

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Our Frugal Family Vacation To Maine

We just returned from our first family vacation in two years, a wonderful trip to Maine.  It’s funny how vacations seem like impossibly-expensive luxuries.  Yet, simple escapes can grant you immense perspective and seriously recharge your soul.  Our debt is still there, but we now have new memories to motivate us and energize us as we continue on with our journey.



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Finance Defiance: Do You Enjoy Being A Rebel When It Comes To Your Money?

I had a little Twitter chat with Ms. Our Next Life and Kate from Good Night Debt last month. Was it about investment strategies, new frugality strategies, or some other personal finance topic?  Nope.  Our chat was about piercings.  Apparently, Ms. ONL has a nose stud and a helix piercing.  Kate has a rook and helix piercing, and was deciding whether to take one out.  As for me, I have managed to somehow keep my tongue ring (actually a stud) while working in a professional field for the past seven years.  It was fun finding out that there were other personal finance bloggers with fairly rebellious piercings, but it’s really not very surprising. (4)

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Dreams And Responsibilities

This week, after seven years at my current job, I received an office upgrade.  It’s bigger and has windows with a pretty nice view.  But the new office is really just another form of “golden handcuffs.”  It’s still just a space, inside a building, where I’m supposed to trade years of my life for money.  Setting our sights on the goal of early semi-retirement has allowed me to have more peace when it comes to our current situation.  However, there are still many days when I still struggle not to say “F*** it,” run away, and never look back. (2)

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