Monday Medley: Summer Fun & Some Deeper Stuff

Isn’t it crazy that July is almost over already?  Thankfully, we’ve been making the most of the summer season and still have a lot of fun planned for August.  Our financial journey usually plays some role in our day-to-day life, but I’ve been trying to be mindful of taking time to enjoy the present as well.  I think we’re doing a pretty good job of saving, hustling, and enjoying the summer.




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Frugal Living: The Added Benefits You Haven’t Considered

The reason that most people adopt a frugal lifestyle is probably to improve their finances. Learning how to reduce your living costs can have a huge impact on your net worth. Given that money worries are the most common form of stress in modern society, improved lifestyle can have long lasting effects.  You can pay off debt, afford new adventures, or maybe even retire early thanks to your frugal ways.  However, saving money isn’t the only benefit to be had from taking this approach to spending. In fact, it can enhance your life in various other ways. Here are some of the additional rewards that you may not have previously considered. If this doesn’t give you an extra incentive to get started immediately, I don’t know what will.


Frugal Living Benefits


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The Momentum-Building Magic Of Small Gains

We’ve been “paying off” our debt for what seems like forever. The underlying problem was our bad attitudes about money.  Every time there was a little available credit, we broadened our definition of what was “affordable.”  We would bring the balances down, only to build them back up.  Now that we’ve changed our perspectives and made awesome goals for the future, our finances are finally starting to recover.  Incrementally, the small gains of our efforts have combined to give us a big push towards the finish line of financial semi-independence.


road, speed, momentum, personal finance


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Constructive Ways To Use Your Time, Instead Of Playing Pokemon Go

Money problems and time management issues seem to be frequent complaints, yet tons of people (children and adults) have spent this past week running around chasing imaginary creatures with the new Pokemon Go app.  While I am happy that this video game encourages exercise, I can’t help but think there are much more constructive ways to use your time.

Constructive Ways To Use Your Time, Instead of Playing Pokemon Go


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Happy Birthday To Me: 34 Years Gone And Looking Forward To The Future

My brain is often bombarded with reflective thoughts (I over-analyze everything), but this is especially true with my birthday.  The celebration marks another year gone from my limited time on this earth.  Everyone must engage in a little self-assessment on their birthday – pondering where you’ve been and what’s to come.  Yet, it’s supposed to be a happy day, full of indulgence and special treatment. Birthdays celebrate the relatively minimal accomplishment of surviving another year.  It’s for us to decide whether we put that time to good use.

sunrise birthday money lessons goals


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Free Ways To Entertain Kids This Summer

Welcome to July!  Summer is in full swing and you’re probably busy making plans to enjoy as many fun family activities as possible.  Our family skips out on things like costly vacations, expensive amusement parks, or all-inclusive summer camps, because of our current battle with debt.  However, there are plenty of ways to keep kids entertained for free this summer.  With a little bit of planning you can pack their days full of free things to do, so you’ll never hear children complaining about being bored.


cheap family fun


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The Zombie Apocalypse Guide To Saving Money

Confession: I miss The Walking Dead (the new season doesn’t start until October).  We don’t watch that much television, but my Friday night treat used to be catching up on the show while drinking a little bit of wine.  It’s probably better to have nothing to watch during the summer, as there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy like bonfires.  Abigail from I Pick Up Pennies recently did a fun post about money lessons from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  If Buffy can teach us about money, then why not a show about the zombie apocalypse?  As I recently found myself wondering (again) about who ended up getting the bat in that crazy season finale, I thought of some lessons we can learn from Rick, his friends, and the walkers . . . about saving money.


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New Side Hustle: How To Make Money Buying And Reselling Books

In our quest to pay off debt and achieve semi-retirement by the age of 40, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to save money and to make extra money.  I’m super excited about finding a great tool for buying and selling used books.  I have big plans for using it this summer at garage sales and book sales.


New Side Hustle


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Road Less Traveled Challenge: Reverse Engineering A New Lifestyle

One of the things that constantly inspires me about the personal finance community is the enormous amount of diversity among our goals and road maps.  I think we can all agree that there are a number of guidelines (as opposed to commandments) that provide us with methods for escaping from traditional work requirements.  However, the individual strategies and destinations are all our own.  Our Next Life recently challenged bloggers to discuss how they’re traveling down a unique path to financial independence or early retirement.  This is the story of our divergence.



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2016 Mid-Year Debt Payoff Update

The purpose of this blog is to document my family’s journey out of debt and to financial semi-independence.  One of the benefits of having a platform like this is to track our progress, with accountability.  Well, it’s time to come clean about our current status – for better or for worse.

mid year update


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