Another Side Hustle: Clicking For Pennies on instaGC


In 2014, I made a total of $34 on instaGC with extremely minimal effort.  The best thing about this site?  As the name implies, if you earn the points, you can redeem them INSTANTLY for gift card codes.  Sometimes, I will go and watch a couple more videos on my phone to grab an extra $1 or $2 credit before finalizing an Amazon order for diapers. 

I use the mobile version of this website on my phone.  The quickest way to earn points is to “Visit Sites” late at night or first thing in the morning.  They reload offers at midnight and 3:00 a.m. (E.T.) – the offers are first-come, first-served.   I’m a perpetual night owl, so being up at midnight is not uncommon.  In addition, third-trimester bathroom needs usually have me up at some point in the night.  And soon, it will be done when the baby wakes me up.  All you need to do to score points is tap the button/link.  A website will open up in a new window.  Go ahead and close it – you’ve earned your penny. 

The other super easy way to use this site is the videos.  You watch five for one point.  I like the pet videos myself, cute and short.  As I’m typing this post, my phone is propped up in front of me and adorable “ninja kittens” are fighting with each other 🙂  

Please keep in mind that these sites are not intended to replace your income.  They are quick clicks that don’t require any mental energy, concentration, or that you’re even completely awake.  I intend to use this site more in 2015 because every little bit counts when struggling to overcome debt.

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